• Everyday, Natural Makeup



    When it comes to beauty, I try to keep it simple and effortless as I hate wearing too much product on my face. I rather put emphasis on my natural features and make them stand out.

    Let me take you through my routine!

    During the summer I don’t use foundation but instead, I use my concealer from Kiko in the color, 02, underneath my eyes to brighten up the area. I then use a powder from MAC, NW22, to create evenness and afterward contour my face to bronze it up with my Anastasia contour kit.



    Next, I add my favorite blush from Lancome in the color, Ocre Rouge. Looks so nice when you’re tanned!

    natural makeup.jpg

    During summer my freckles really show up and to be honest…
    It’s one of my favorite features during summer, so there’s no need to cover them up.


    Lastly, I add my highlighter to the top of my cheekbones. I use Tromborg’s highlighter in the color, Silk. It gives such a natural result. Oh! One more important thing is my brow gel from Anastasia to keep my brows in place all day.

    Beneath is a picture of all the products that I used to create the look. Hope you enjoyed it!



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