• Things you may not know about me

    Gia in Style

    1. I dream every single night, and I always remember some parts of my dreams. Sometimes it’s a relief waking up the next morning, as my dreams can easily get out of hand.

    2. My mood can easily get ruined in the morning when I’m stressing to find my outfit for the day. It’s kind of my own fault, as I have got worse to get up in the morning. Usually, I would get out of bed on weekends latest 8! But, that was back in the days. Getting older has completely changed that habit!


    3. I get so uncomfortable when people crack their fingers or other body parts. The same when people talk about how they broke their body parts… One thing I know for sure is that I’m never gonna become a doctor. 

    4. I have a bad habit of touches my lips all the time.

    5. I’m really bad at trying new stuff, especially ice-cream. Maybe somebody can relate when I say Ben & Jerry ice-cream?

    6. I hate not wearing socks, especially during the night. 

    7. I always leave doors open, especially in the kitchen in my hunt for food and my wardrobe when I’m searching for my clothes. I actually never noticed it, until my boyfriend told me.

    8. I use reminders on my phone for everything or I write lists down in my calendar.

    9. I have managed to rip three pairs of pants in 4 months, and one of them was my favorite ones. Either my pants are getting smaller or my butt is just growing. Who knows… 

    10. I use glasses, but only in school and ‘when’ I watch TV.

    11. I actually never watch TV, series or movies. I’ve only managed to finish one series, Gossip Girl. I started watching Suits, but never finished it. It’s such a good series, maybe I should try finishing it. Do you guys, recommend any good series or movies? 

    I hoped you enjoyed my fun/wierd facts about me. I think it’s quite fun to read other bloggers’ facts about them, as you get a small idea of who they are and some of their funny habits 😉


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