• Gift ideas for your mum

    Candle 39,95 € HER // Perfume 103,50 € HER // Scarf 129,95 € HER // Underwear 124,90 € HER // Necklace 74,95 € HER // Ole Henriksen Truth kit 78, 95 €

    Her er nogle gave ideer til din mor. Nu går min mor og jeg tit ud og shopper sammen, så jeg ved nogenlunde hvad hendes stil er.. Her er ihvertfald lidt inspiration til hvad I kunne købe. 

    Here are some ideas for gifts to your mum. I always go shopping with my mum, so I kind of know her style.. But if you’re not sure, then maybe this could help you. These ideas are based most on what my mum would prefer. Of course there is a huge different between our mums, but this is my idea. I’m not telling you what I’m going to buy, ’cause my mum is probably reading this 😉

    But if this doesn’t help you, then you could also check out Nelly’s page HERE


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